For those of us whose business depended on being able to get shoes for shoots – you were and still are a life saver! THANK YOU!
I have known and worked with Montana for years in New York and now in Los Angeles. I always love getting to see her, she is such a hoot! Montana has such an amazing selection of designer shoes, jewelry and sunglasses, there’s really no one else with this kind of stock for rent. I am so thrilled to have her on the West Coast now, we have been starving for a Montana Rader for years!
I love Montana Rader. I love working with Montana Rader. I love her taste, her style, her brain, her standards, her creative thinking, her problem solving, her history... She is rare and important and a joy. To collaborate with her is to be reminded what working in fashion is all about. I would also like to point out that she has saved my butt many times. Frankly, I can't really do a job correctly without her.
I couldn't have survived prepping any of my advertising jobs without the incredible shoe selection that Montana had already edited for me.
Montana is the most 'Soleful' and incredible person the world has ever known....a true genius shoe aficionado.....
Montana is smart, with great taste and has curated an amazing library of gorgeous shoes for us to have access to.
Montana has the best selection of shoes to cover you on your shoots. She is the go to person when you need to rent shoes, jewelry or sunglasses. Her inventory is kept in flawless shape & is beyond helpful.
Montana has the highest standards in shoes, service and even personal advice :) Her company is the upper echelon for stylists in need of high fashion shoes in perfect condition. Mo has a user friendly site with quality pictures to show clients, a beautiful space for in office appointments and quick, concise service. Simply put Montana has the best and is the best :)
If you don't want any drama over your shoe options on-set only rent from Mo!....Who wants to hear that a pair of shoes looks cheap or tired? .....How many times has a fussy art director made you sweat over choosing a budget busting shoe that leaves you sick and out of pocket ....End this insanity now! .......I repeat only rent from Mo!